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Order high-quality horse feed from abroad at Paardenvoer.nl

Welcome to www.paardenvoer.nl, your trusted supplier of top-quality horse feed. Our webshop offers a wide range of products from the brands Subli, Voermeesters, and Masters, three renowned brands from Voermeesters B.V. We understand that the care for your horses knows no boundaries, which is why we offer the possibility to order our products from abroad.

Easy ordering from Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany

Do you live in Belgium, Luxembourg, or Germany? You can easily order your horse feed through our webshop. Ordering is simple and fast, and we ensure that your order is delivered safely and promptly.

Business orders and VAT deferral

Are you a business customer and would like to defer VAT (order at 0% VAT)? Please contact the Voermeesters B.V. customer service at 0031-317499555 or info@voermeesters.nl. Our staff will be happy to assist you in making your order process smooth.

Ordering outside the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or Germany

Do you want to order horse feed from another country within Europe? Please contact the Voermeesters B.V. customer service. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order outside the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany at our webshop. The Voermeesters B.V. customer service team is ready to assist you and discuss the possibilities.

European agencies

From Voermeesters B.V., we work with various agencies in different European countries to ensure that our products are always and everywhere available. Below is an overview of our agencies in Europe:

Country Agent Name Available Brands Phone Number Email Address
Poland P.H.U. Masters-Polska s.c. Voermeesters, Subli and Masters 0048-664978788 biuro@masterspolska.pl 
Bulgaria Animal Rescue Sofia Foundation Voermeesters, Subli and Masters 00359-879022671 s.petrov@arsofia.com 
Greece (North)  Animal Rescue Sofia Foundation Voermeesters, Subli and Masters 00359-879022671 s.petrov@arsofia.com 
Czech Republic Saint Jan s.r.o. Voermeesters and Masters 0042-724130129 urbanova@siantjan.cz 
Czech Republic SUBLI CZ s.r.o. Subli 0042-0602318654 info@sublicz.cz 
Czech Republic Clean House s.r.o. Subli 0042-0722912910 filipermis@centrum.cz 

At Paardenvoer.nl, we strive to provide your horses with the best care and products, no matter where you are. For more information or to place your order, visit our webshop or contact our customer service.

Your horses deserve the best, and at Paardenvoer.nl, we make that possible!

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